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Hang On Fred presents Egg Rage

Egg Rage is Fred's first game to be released. Below you can see screen shots of some of the levels within the game. It is a challenging game where you will soon understand where the rage part comes in. Taking your time on each level and watching how the eggs drop will help you in figuring out if you need to touch the egg or just let it fall. Sometimes just letting the egg fall and bounce will work out better than touching the egg. Be careful of level 3 the eggs will be coming twice as fast.

Egg Rage can be played on the iPhone or iPad. Get Egg Rage here

If you need to contact me please send an e-mail to and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Hi I'm Fred

Egg Rage Screen Shots

Egg Rage Main Levels
Egg Rage Level 1-8
Egg Rage Level 2-6
Egg Rage Level 2-7

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